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about exlibrisland


We are pleased to meet you at the pages of web site! is a web project for everyone who shares love to art of exlibris. Our goals are to provide web services for exlibris exchange and collection management, to help establish connections, to promote exlibris by means of internet. You do not need to have any special technical knowledge to use all services of The only your wish and your computer connected to internet will give you a chance to be a member of society and to use all modern internet tools for managing and improving your collections.

Our ambition is to build greatest web portal of exlibris community. We are just starting and appreciate your comment and help. The only way to perfection is improving the site depending on your wishes. Please express your expectations and opinions.

Pugachevsky, Gennady, X6/9, 1993, op.num. 32

List of services for registered user:

Collection online

You can build and manage your collection's database of exlibrises made on your name on line. You can provide any records with an image of bookplate. Any moment you can offer exlibris for exchange by checking appropriate check box in edit exlibris page form. Everyone has a chance to browse you exlibrises online.

Opus list

If you an artist it is great opportunity to let exlibris collectors know about you creativity and help them to get detailed information about every published work. In combination with public personal data you can have got great portfolio on line in the core of exlibris collectors community in Internet.

You public personal data

Would you like to tell to exlibris community something about yourself? Fill "about me" form, upload your photo and very lover of bookplates can learn information about you.

Offers and wanted lists

Do you have any want or offer of exlibrises? This section is for you. Just publish records in appropriate section. You complete public list of wants or offers. Any registered user who is interested to contact you about any of the item could send you a private message with offers or request. Besides if the marked as offered everyone who has built up filters list and has corresponding to the record data settings of filters will get automatically generated message.

Preferable artist and theme filter

You are looking for an exlibris of certain theme or by certain artist. Check the boxes in the sections submit them. When somebody will publish offer with corresponding data you will receive notification message.


If you have any interesting news, article, announce using publication section you can publish it in our magazine. Any article could be provided with number of illustrations.


To avoid spamming and for keeping in secret your personal emails we offer for our user message system for exchange of short messages. Do not forget from time to time visit it to check new messages.

To learn all details about working with the site please read help file.